The world is such a big and scary place that the number of differences from one place to the next can be absolutely overwhelming. In some of the more developed countries healthy living is the main aim in life, whereas in the countries that are still developing the main aim is to simply stay alive. Even in a time as advanced as 2016 we still face these kind of dilemmas on a daily basis. The distribution of wealth around the world is not fair but there is not a great deal the average person can do about it. There are also whole bunches of smaller difference dotted all around the world, and these are the things that would be right at home in one country but look incredibly out of place in another. Some good examples of this are the many differences between the United Kingdom and the United States of America. These are two countries that should in theory be very similar as one was the basis for the modern version of the other. When the British began to colonise the Americas back in the 1600’s we left the cornerstone for what would become the American way of life, even if they did edit it a little….

The difference in words 

Us English gave the Americans a beautiful gift. We have one of the most complete and amazing languages in the entire world and they have taken it and created something completely different (and let’s be honest, worse.) Why so many words became different I will never know, but lets take a look at some of the more obvious ones. What we call a biscuit they call a cookie. We have lifts, but the American have elevators. The years in our schooling system actually make sense. We have years 1 through to 9 and they have high school and God knows what else. What I am trying to get at here is that some of the additions the Americans have made to the British language are confusing and vague and we should never have stood for this nonsense in the first place.

The difference in laws 

I am not going to make this section into a very political one but there is a distinct difference in the laws between the two countries. The biggest and most obvious one is with regards to gun control. In the UK we have very strict gun control and you can only really own one in exceptional circumstances. Whereas in America it seems that you can walk up to any street corner and grab one! It is not my place to judge so I am going to leave this hotbed issue here! One of the sillier rules I have encountered in my travels over to the good old U.S of A is the fact that jaywalking is a crime. For anyone that doesn’t know this is basically when you cross the street when the little man on the traffic light hasn’t turned green yet. Over in America this is a crime which is punishable by fines and prison but here in the UK things are a little different. If you try to cross the road when you shouldn’t and then get hit by a car it is your own fault for being stupid!

The biggest difference of them all… 

What I have noticed as the most pronounced difference between our two great countries is our senses of humour. In the UK we love sarcasm and almost everyone over here communicates in it fluently. In the U.S this is anything but the case. I ventured over there on a holiday, went into a few shops and whacked out my best sarcasm. What was this met with? A stony silence of course. This difference really comes to the fore when you watch our television programmes. The British version of the office was dryer than the Sahara Desert with a lot of cringe worthy moments. The American version was still good, but a very different style of comedy. This isn’t to say all American sitcoms are bad though, It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia is probably my favourite TV programme of all time, so it is all just down to personal tastes! There are a lot of differences between the two, but lets just embrace than rather than argue over them ayy?