One of the many benefits of having a swimming pool at home is that you can have a relaxing swim whenever you want – before breakfast, before your afternoon nap, perhaps before you go to bed. The great thing about these regular, relaxing times in the pool is that they are actually good for your body. Even swimming slowly uses all the major muscle groups. You’re keeping fir without even trying.

Unfortunately, most people can’t afford a pool in the yard, or even a yard for that matter. Not to worry, though – there are a number of other leisurely ways to work out at home:

Stretching is perhaps the most important part of working out. It’s never too strenuous and you can do different types of stretches pretty much anywhere in the house. So, whether you’re still lying in bed, taking a shower, or spread out on the sofa watching a movie, make it a healthier time by getting in some stretches, just because you can.

A lot of workouts these days are based around dance. Take Zumba for example – it’s not really much different from a bunch of people dancing around to some Latin beats. The thing is, Zumba is exercise. You don’t even have to listen to Latin music and it will still be exercise. The fact is that whether you’ve been headbanging in your room to Slayer, or dancing along to Taylor Swift in front of the mirror, you’ve actually been exercising your body. What could be easier than that?

We all know that it’s important to clean our teeth after every meal. If you do it right, you can also have a short workout after every meal, too. Use the motion of your tooth brushing arm to work your pectorals, moving across your chest and back out again as you brush your teeth. It works well if you use your other arm to mirror the arm with the brush, giving you an even chest workout every time you clean your teeth.

Some people are fidgeters. No matter what they are doing, they’ll have a hand or foot tapping away, perhaps playing imaginary video games or a drum solo. If you’re one of these people, you can take the energy you use when fidgeting and focus it through exercise. Imagine you’re reclined in your chair, reading a book and tapping your feet. Now replace your chair with one of these Indoor Training Bikes – most likely a recumbent one, and you’re doing fitness without even thinking about it.

If you live in an apartment building, stop taking the elevator. Those stairs are just perfect for a leisurely workout. You don’t have to run – take your time if you want to. You’ll still be using the same muscles as you would in a step workout. Take the stairs and you’re working out again without even knowing it. Plus you’re less likely to get trapped in a stairwell than an elevator if your building sets itself on fire.

Even if you’re just chilling with the guys, watching some football, drinking some beers and chowing down on some cheesy pizza, you can still work your abs to perfection: just sit up straight and squeeze your abs tight. Do this in sets until you can feel your abs burn – the easiest way to get a six-pack ever (just go easy on the beer and pizza).

You can also get a great cardio workout simply by moving around your home as you usually do, but perhaps by taking longer routes. Even in the smallest apartments this is possible – just walk around the dining table twenty times instead of three before you leave the room.

As you can see, for most of us, getting a great workout is incredibly easy and doesn’t require much effort at all. With this knowledge you’ll be able to cancel your gym membership and give up those workout classes – just think how much money you’ll be able to save. You could even try some of the techniques mentioned above in your school or place of work, meaning that you can work out wherever you want. The world will become your gym and life is your workout!