There are a lot of things that we must do in the morning before any of us can leave the house. The children must be bathed and dressed for school in their uniforms, my husband has to be layered up because he works outside, and myself, I have to wake up quickly and begin the process of helping everyone get ready and then taking them to their destination. That is our morning ritual in a nutshell. It can be a simple morning where everything goes as planned, or it can be chaotic and difficult.

The Children

We have three children who are in kindergarten, first grade, and fourth grade. All of our children are very different. When I go into their rooms to wake them in the morning, my oldest two crawl out of bed but they do not complain. My kindergartener likes to whine and complain, saying he didn’t get enough sleep and that he didn’t want to go to school. It takes him a little bit longer than the other two to get out of bed and get moving.

The oldest two have mastered the art of putting on their own clothes as long as I have them out for them. They are still working on how to match up colors appropriately, but thankfully for them, their school has a certain uniform dress code. I do have to help my youngest into his pants because he has not mastered the fastening technique on each pair of pants that he has. If we’re in a hurry, I’ll help him with his shirt as well.

They can handle getting their socks and shoes on, but I do have to go back behind my youngest and tie his shoes. My other two like to skimp by on tying their shoes sometimes, and I catch myself reminding them two or three times before their shoes are finally tied as they should be. We grab their coats and bookbags off of the coat and shoe rack and settle them on the couch until their father is ready.

Helping My Husband Get Ready

There are very few things that he needs help with, because mainly I’m not available to help him as my routine is to get the kids ready and waiting on us. Many days I will help him out by fixing his lunch for him. I also make sure that the clothes he would like to wear are clean and ready with a fresh pair of socks. Thankfully he can dress himself and put his socks and shoes on properly. He may ask where certain items are and I direct him in the right direction, but other than that he is pretty efficient with preparing for work.

Once he has completed his ritual of getting ready, and the kids are ready and waiting on the couch patiently, we begin to move out the door. Before walking out the door we take one last look around the house to make sure that we’re not forgetting anything such as important papers for work or school. We also make sure that the animals are fed and watered and they are where they need to be. I do a final walkthrough of the house and turn off any lights and unplug things such as hair dryers and beard trimmers.

Piling up in the car is one of the hardest parts because when everyone wants to get in, the kids feel like they should be battling over who gets the window seats and who has to sit in the middle. We are only going about half a mile to the bus stop, but they insist on making it a rough half of mile with complaining and arguing. Two children that are siblings cannot sit touching one another for more than a few second before they start complaining.

When the bus arrives, I step out of the car and let them out of the back, because I have child safety locks on both back doors. They give me hugs and make their way onto the bus. As we are pulling off to carry my husband to work, I make sure that they are on the bus and sitting down, then I wave one more time as the bus pulls off.