Quit Hiding Your Grey Hair, Try Supplements

Everyone eventually develops grey hair. It’s a natural effect of the aging process. Of course, being natural doesn’t prevent grey hair from causing all sorts of problems. Maybe you’re sick of hiding your hair under a hat all day. Maybe you’re getting tired of having to get it dyed over and over again, spending piles of money for dye and hairdresser appointments. Whatever the reason, it’s time you stopped worrying about hiding or covering up your grey hair. It’s time to start having the beautifully colored hair you love again.

How Grey Hair Develops

As stated before, the development of grey hair is a natural effect of the aging process. A chemical transformation takes place in the body as the cells age, and these chemicals are the primary cause of the loss of natural hair color. The visible color of hair is produced by the chemical melanin. The hydrochloric acid released through aging gradually strips the melanin from the hair follicles, leaving the hairs colorless and even transparent. This is what causes the typical grey color, as the transparent hairs appear grey next to the surviving darker hairs.

How to Prevent Grey Hair

Of course, the body is constantly producing hydrochloric acid, so why does it only leave hair grey as it begins to age? Hydrochloric acid only affects the melanin content of hair when it reaches heightened levels. In order to combat the destructive quality of high volumes of hydrochloric acid, the body releases an enzyme called Catalase. Catalase regulates the levels of hydrochloric acid in the body by preventing buildup and removing it from the system. However, through the aging process production of Catalase slowly diminishes. Maintaining the amount of Catalase in the body is vital to preventing grey hair and returning your hair to its natural, vibrant color.


If one maintains the amount of Catalase in their system as they age, they can potentially prevent grey hair from ever developing. In those already suffering from grey hair, replenishing Catalase has been shown to suspend and even reverse the greying process. The replenishment of Catalase to the body can be done simply and easily thanks to the proliferation of effective supplements. These grey hair supplements are proven to work and can help aging hair regain its natural vivid color.

Pure Catalase Supplements

There are a variety of supplements that seek to simply introduce more Catalase back into the body. Most of these come in pill form, making them easy to take. Preventing grey hair and returning the natural color can be as easy as ingesting one pill a day. The benefit of these pills is that you only need to take one, making it a simple process that requires little effort on the part of the consumer. However, a downside is that much of the Catalase contained in these supplements can end up digested in the intestines long before the enzyme can get to where it will be of help.

Supplements for Catalase Production

Many people, unsatisfied with the results from pure catalase, have searched for other means of increasing the catalase in their system. Luckily, there are supplements available for this as well. When the body is provided with the building blocks necessary for producing Catalase, it will produce higher amounts of the enzyme on its own. The downside of these supplements is that it can often be difficult to find them all in one pill. The vitamins that promote Catalase production are Zinc, Copper, Selenium, and Manganese. These are often acquired as independent supplements, so this technique leaves consumers taking multiple pills each morning to keep their catalase levels up.

Changing Your Diet

A third technique for relieving troubles with grey hair is to change one’s diet. This change requires the most research on the part of the consumer. Essentially, the goal of changing one’s diet is two-fold. Primarily, the new diet is meant to naturally increase the levels of the building blocks described in the previous supplement option. Secondarily, the diet approach seeks to flood the body with beneficial anti-aging elements like antioxidants and providing it with protective vitamins like B12.


If worried about grey hair, it’s time to start doing something about it. Supplements and a change in diet can prevent and reverse the effects of aging on hair color. The simplest way is through Catalase supplements. Supplements that provide the building blocks for Catalase can also increase production of the enzyme in the body. Changing one’s diet can also increase Catalase production and protect existing hair, but it takes the most research as opposed to the other two confirmed methods. Determine which technique is best for you according to your budget, time constraints, and determination to have your natural hair color back.