Regularly vacuuming your floors is one of the easiest and effective ways of keeping them clean. A good vacuum cleaner makes it a breeze to undertake the often unendurable cleaning chores. Also, it is important to know that proper and regular vacuuming impacts the air you breathe. It is recommended that you vacuum at least once every week using a quality vacuum cleaner. They come in a broad range including cordless, uprights, bagged, bagless, and cylinder vacuums. When it comes to buying a one, you need to choose between a bagged and a bagless cleaner or between a cylinder and an upright cleaner. Take into account the advantages and disadvantages of both and choose the type that appeals to you the most. This article looks into the key considerations you should make before buying a vacuum cleaner.


If the floors in your house are bare, say tiles or hardwood, you still need to clean them regularly. However, not all vacuum cleaners are ideal for bare floors. Consider looking for a versatile canister that comes with some attachments including a bare-floor brush to easily get into tight areas and corners.


If you have a wall-to-wall carpet, you need to get a canister with a motorized power head attachment. However, if your house is large with a lot of space to cover, you may want to consider purchasing an upright. Be on the lookout for an adjustable height brush roll to make it easy to push across several carpet pile heights. Some models come with sensors that detect where the dirt is making it easy to get rid of all the dirt without the need to keep moving back and forth. If you have been asking yourself What Is The Best Vacuum For Carpets, you can research online on various sites and blogs to get more insight into carpet vacuuming.


Some vacuum cleaners are versatile enough such that they can perform other functions apart from cleaning the floors. Look for a model with extra attachments that make it possible to remove pet hair, clean mattresses and also dusting the ceiling fans. With some models, you can vary the suction to use the vacuum cleaner for cleaning subtle items such as drapery sheers without destroying them.


If you have stairs in your house, look for a canister that features a long hose and other attachments that make it easy to get in and around the railings. You don’t want to have a heavy canister that you will need to drag from one floor to another when it’s time to clean.  Look for a lightweight option or get a second vacuum cleaner for cleaning upstairs.


If you hate cleaning or if you hardly find time to do so, you may want to consider buying a robotic vacuum cleaner. Even though they can’t entirely replace your standard vacuum cleaner, they come in handy to clean your house when you are away. They can be set to clean every day at a particular time. Newer models have additional features that improve their reliability.

Overall, with the points highlighted in this article, you can now confidently embark on your vacuum cleaner shopping trip knowing what you are looking for and get one that is right for your cleaning needs.