How to Build your own Mancave

Every man needs a place of solitude. For those of us that aren’t bachelors that place often needs to be at home. Being within earshot of your loved ones if needed but still able to relax is a luxury that, contrary to popular belief, can afford. I present to you the concept of the man cave.

If you have a spare room, attic, basement or even an empty garage, you have a potential man cave. The concept is simple- clean it out, make it comfortable to relax in and stock it with things you like.

Are you an avid football fan? You have a room where the memorabilia can hang on the walls undisturbed and you can watch your games. Are you more into relaxing and watching films your better half may not like? Build yourself a mini theater with a booming surround sound system. The possibilities are only limited by your budget, space, and imagination.

What you need to get started

Like any other project, a well-done man cave is usually a product of proper planning. Here are some questions to ask yourself: What exactly are my interested? Do I want a specific theme or is my aim simply a general room I can enjoy to myself? What is my budget? What is my timeline? What will I buy? What tools do I need for the job?

The answer to these questions are all obviously personal to you and you alone, but you’re at a loss for ideas there are heaps of examples online. Some are incredibly unique and innovative, so you should take a look if only for the inspiration.

What you may need to know beforehand

Chances are there will be a bit of construction work involved in your project. The level of much is of course determined by your plans. Keep in mind that there’s is absolutely no shame in calling in professionals if you aren’t the handiest guy in your neighborhood. For those that are interested in learning, here are a few skills you might need.


One of the first things people will notice about your man cave is the flooring. There are a variety of options and it’s quite likely that you have a specific one in mind. Before you go off to buy hardwood, make sure you consult an expert on safety procedures and the proper tools. A well-done floor will look amazing, but it isn’t worth damaging the house or yourself to get it.


This one is a little easier and can give a specific look to your man cave depending on the type of tile. The effort here is mostly in prep and the safety concerns are pretty low so just be patient and have fun with this.


This is likely the easiest and least expensive of your options. The list of materials is also relatively low and no power tools are really needed. You’ll probably be able to carpet your man cave in a day. Bring a friend and you’ll cut the time down.


Paint a wall is a skill that’s assumed to be easier than it is. If getting the look you want requires painting, don’t fret, just be dilligent about your prep. Be sure to remove all the acessories from the wall. Knobs, faceplates and thermostats should be removed and stored away from where you’re painting. The goal is a smooth surface.

The next stop is clearing the area of furniture. Having a shed of a room with minimal traffic nearby will help. If none of those are available, move everything over to the side you aren’t painting and cover them with plastic. After that put your plaster down on the floor, cover the adjacent surfaces with painter’s tape and your off to prime and paint.


The tools for the job depend on the job. The essentials are, of course, anything needed for assembly. If you’re looking for a good impact driver check my reference. Besides that, you’d need a normal driver, some wrenches and tape measure for sure. Everything is at your discretion.

Bring in the professionals

If your ideas are too grand to accomplish alone there is always the option to enlist your buddies to help you out. For those with big projects in mind and budgets to match, bringing in professionals is never a bad idea. A trustworthy and experienced professional, be it an electricial, woodcraftsman, construction or plumber will likely end up saving you money in the long run by ensuring the job is done right the first time.

Go forth and build

If you want to have that dream man cave, the first step is really just to get up and go. Don’t worry about things not being perfect because they never really are. Just, make it fun.