DIY is something I would like to think I am good at. I make things, fix things. I love the idea of taking something and turning it into something else or just fixing things.

My house was a project. There was always something that needed fixing or adjusting.


The first thing that needed fixing that was the roof. It was cold outside, so with the aid of my heater that I bought from I was all set.

I was all wrapped up, scarf, hat, gloves it was 2 degrees outside so this was crucial but I never minded being outside no matter what the weather. Rain, wind, snow, I really didn’t care. I loved being outside and I loved fixing things.

The roof had a hole in it. I googled the issue and knew what I needed. I climbed up my trusty old ladder and started to fix my roof. It took a day to fix but when I finished it was as good as new.


My daughter asked me if I would make an old fashioned wooden clock for the big old house she had just moved into. My daughter loved old fashioned things and she did say that she could go to an antiques store and pick some things up but she loved when I made things for her, it was way more personal.

I knew how to make the housing for a clock and you could buy the mechanism, so it seemed pretty simple to me. I understood dovetail joints, very old fashioned but also very secure, more secure than any other kind of wood joint and I set to work.

Over the years I had been given various tools. For birthdays and Christmas, I rarely got anything other than tools. I had saws and cutters, looking in my tool shed, it made me quite excited, call it sad or not, I loved tools.

I bought some lumps of oak and started cutting the pieces. This woodwork project had become a labor of love because it was for my daughter and it was also her housewarming present. I hadn’t been to her new house yet so I wanted this to be special.

Oak is tough to cut, so making the clock was quite hard work but eventually the pieces were all cut and ready to fix together. I had ordered the face and mechanism and started to plane and varnish everything. Putting the face and mechanism together was hard but I looked at videos online and eventually with much trial and error it finally worked, even if I do say so myself, it looked amazing. I was ready to give it to my daughter.


I drove over to her house and was greeted by one of my grandchildren, she was so excited to see me, as was everyone else. I got the most brilliant welcome and it brought a tear to my eye, as I hadn’t seen them for a while. I did miss them.

My daughter had a great life, she had a successful husband who treated her like a queen and 3 amazing children, who were such a credit to them, they were polite and well mannered and a lot of fun to be around.

I got the clock out of my truck and took it inside. My daughter cried when I gave it to her. My daughter told me it reminded her of her mom and my wife, whom sadly we lost a few years ago after a short illness.

One of my daughter’s childhood memories was her mom winding up the big grandfather clock in our old house and she also used to hide in it. My daughter wanted it in her house as a reminder of her mom, whom we all missed so much. This was such a touching tribute, it made me a bit tearful.


My daughter gave me the grand tour. The house was large so it took a while. The house was beautiful and it had been decorated tastefully, simple and elegant.

I was shown the kid’s bedroom and was asked to make some bunk beds if I thought I would be up to it. I agreed that I would love to make the kids bunk beds.

I had my next DIY project, I couldn’t wait to start.