Buying a shiatsu massage chair is a decent idea for those who lead a chaotic life and all they want to do is relax and re-energize themselves after a long day at work. A well-crafted shiatsu massage can ease both mental and physical tension as well as aches and pains. The only role you need to play is getting the right Shiatsu chair to deliver the massage you need. You can accomplish this by following these tips.

Get The Right Level of Comfort You Desire

Purchasing your chair online doesn’t give you a choice to feel the comfort first-hand before making a purchasing decision, but you can use several features that come with the chair to have an idea of the comfort level:

•    The type of upholstery determines the comfort level. Leather is comfortable but will cost you some more and is hard to maintain considering the aggressive techniques the shiatsu chair uses. Synthetic leather holds up against wear and tear due to the actions of the rollers.

•    Operation mode. Automated controls are more comfortable because they allow you to adjust the chair faster without exerting a lot of force.

•    The recline position. Choose a chair that gives you full recline position. A full recline is more than 170 degrees.

•    The seat depth and width. Most seats have an average width falling between 20 and 22 inches. The depth varies from 17 to 22 inches. This is ideal if you have a large body frame.

Make Sure it Delivers the Techniques You Need

You need to make sure the chair comes with all the features you need for a beneficial massage experience. Shiatsu massage involves various techniques that include rolling, kneading, percussion and compression:

•    Rolling – you feel as if a person is pressing either side of your spine alternately.

•    Kneading – this emulates two hands kneading and pressing your back.

•    Percussion – this motion feels as if a person is using their fists to tap various parts of your back.

•    Compression – the mechanism of the chair makes it feel as if a person is using firm hands to press on the sides of your spine and your back.

Make sure the chair comes with these actions, and you are comfortable with the controls handling each action. If possible, test the chair and make sure the inbuilt rollers imitate hand movements of a real masseur.

Consider a Raised Footrest

Lack of a footrest makes the massage chair uncomfortable for you when your legs are dangling. You are better off to select a Shiatsu massage chair that has a raised footrest. It would be much better if you can adjust the rest in various positions. If you can afford it, get one that comes complete with a calf and foot massager.

Availability of Spare Parts

Make sure you understand the most common problems that come with massage chairs. Once you know these, get to know the different repair options that you have in case the seat develops a problem. Chat with the retailer and find out whether they have after-sales services in case the chair develops a problem.

Know the Frame Strength

The strength of the frame determines how much weight the seat can hold. You need to understand how much weight you plan to use on the chair and consider a chair with a higher weight limit. You also need to understand the power consumption level of the chair. His rate varies by model and the number of features that come with the chair.

The Dimensions

You most definitely have a specific room that you wish to place the chair in. You need to determine whether the chair suits the space, you have allocated for it. When it comes to determining the space allocation, you also need to determine the dimensions when the chair is in a reclined position and when it is folded up.

Bottom line

If you have frequent incidences of back pain, deep muscle tissue pain, stress, and neck pain, a Shiatsu massage chair can do wonders for you. This chair delivers Shiatsu therapy via an automated mechanism, eliminating the need to get a masseur. This also means you can have a massage at any time of day or night. However, you need to have the perfect chair for this task. Make sure you check out Shiatsu Chairs to find the best massage chair, cushions, foot massagers and more for your needs.