Do rat droppings in corners and drawers give you the creeps? Tired of that pitter-patter voice? If so, we’ve got quick-fix remedies. The following are some remedies for eliminating rats from your home. Be sure to try them out.

Make a trap

One of the most effective ways to quickly get rid of rats is to trap them. You can put bait in a humane trap to attract rats. Rats love cheese and peanut butter. As they try to eat these treats, they’ll be trapped. After this, you may kill them or throw them far away from your house so they never come back.

Peppermint oil

You can use peppermint oil to repel rats as they hate its putrid smell. You just need to dip a few cotton balls in peppermint oil and put them in rat prone areas. This will certainly produce satisfactory results.

Alternatively, you can use castor and citronella oil. Or you can grow mint plants near your home’s boundaries.

Cat litter/dried snake litter

Get dried snake waste from a zoo or pet store and put it in areas where rats like to visit. Rats won’t come there again as they fear snakes. Or you can use cat litter as well. But keep it away from children and pets.

Get a cat

This is probably the most tried and tested remedy and one of the best home remedies for eliminating unwanted pests. From peasants to kings, everybody has tried this remedy to rid their home of rats. Cats are born to hunt and kill rodents so, if nothing seems to work, get a cat. It’s an eco-friendly and natural rat-killing solution.

Get cat urine

Of course, cat urine will certainly gross you out. It works miracles though. It’s even more effective than the cat litter box method. Cat urine emits a strong smell which even humans find difficult to tolerate. Rats will naturally vanish once they smell cat urine.

Human hair

It may sound creepy, but rodents can stand seeing human hair. This may be a great way to deter rats. Clip some strands and put them inside rat holes, or where they visit the most. Since they’ll eat the hair, they’ll die. This is one of the best methods to kill rats if you’re looking for the best guide for rodents.

Moth balls

Moth balls can help repel rats. They’re easy to use and are readily available. Place some in the attic to keep rats away. But never place moth balls in your house as they emit a harmful smell. Don’t touch them with your bare hands either.

Cow dung

While it’s a smelly process, using cow dung is one of the most effective methods to deter rats. Spread some cow dung in your garden or attic. When rats ingest the cow dung, they’re likely to die. This helps kill rats outside your home.


You can also kill rats naturally by sprinkling some ammonia in their home. The pungent smell will kill them.


Sound hurts rats and causes their ears to bleed as well. You can kill the rats in your home naturally with sharp waves of a sound box.

Owl feathers

The feathers of an owl will scare rats off and make them vanish. Try placing a few owl feathers inside the nests of these pests. But if you can’t find owl feathers, you can get plastic snakes to drive rats away from your garden.

Baby powder

Although this solution isn’t that effective, you can try it once. Put some baby powder around rat-prone areas and in corners. This powder will intoxicate the rats and somewhat help eliminate them.

Steel wool

Want to eliminate rats living in your walls? Well, you can use steel wool to create barriers. Rats will find it more difficult to nibble on steel wool. Therefore, block their access points with steel wool.
Bay leaf

Rats tend to eat bay leaf as they see it as food. But it kills them instead. Place some bay leaves around rat-prone areas. Repeat this process until all rats are gone.


Pepper has a putrid smell that makes it difficult for rats to breathe as well as survive. Just sprinkle some ground pepper around the holes and corners where they live. You’ll see positive results. If necessary, repeat the process.